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What is siegescape?

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Project Siegescape™ (or just Siegescape™) is an upcoming indie title that is meant to feel familiar to players of other well-known survival titles, while introducing fresh core mechanics that allow the player a wider range of freedom, interaction and cusomization. Built in the powerful Unity 5 engine, Siegescape will introduce another level of replayability through the implementation of a voxel-based terrain editor; Earth-based calendar-specific day/night cycle; dynamic weather complete with particle effects and advanced lighting; first-person controlled building mechanic outfitted with many different module types and materials; player-controlled vehicle system that allows a high level of customization; and much more.

Siegescape plays like other first-person survival games on its surface, but will include countless tools, resources, weapons  and mechanics to allow the player a huge range of exploration and gameplay. The main directive of the single-player campaign is to harness enough resources to build powerful siege engines that the player can use to dismantle and capture enemy fortresses. These fortresses will also utilize the building system so that, once captured, players can then rebuild them to their own specifications. However, players are not limited to using siege engines. It will be entirely possible, although extremely difficult, to pursue the same goals on foot by utilizing the weapons and tools within their inventory.

The single-player campaign will also house a full story and backstory interwoven throughout the game world elements, allowing the player to discover it at their own pace.

As an added level of interaction, the player will eventually unlock the ability to edit the game world itself via a "Sandbox" mode that allows the player all the freedom of infinite generation with fewer enemies and a terrain-editing tool to boot.

For more information on what the initial demo (and final build of the game) will look like, make sure you swing by the
YouTube channel to check out the development log.


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